Content development internship at izi.TRAVEL

For our Content Department we are looking for creative and ambitious students with the background in Humanities, preferably History and Art History. We are looking for graduate students who can take initiative.

The project we are currently working on is to develop and research the so-called “experience tours.” Which basically means bringing together the traditional format of an audio guide with the contemporary techniques such as binaural audios and storytelling.

We are creating such tours for the top European museums in order to show them that the alternative approach to audio guides makes a huge difference.

So for this project we are looking for students who can think outside the box.

We very much appreciate drive and interest in storytelling as well as originality of thought and willingness to push the envelope.

What you will learn:

  • How to tell an exiting and personal story about classic art
  • Very valuable experience within the museum realm
  • Creating and editing audios yourself as well as working together with professionals in the field
  • How to develop an guided tour concept and bring it to life

What we require:

  • Strong background in Humanities
  • Smooth writing skills in English and/or Dutch
  • Some background in Museology and Collection Studies is asset
  • Knowing other languages is a bonus

There is a possibility of offering you a freelance job later on, if the internship goes very fortunately. So make it work!

To apply please contact Maria Antsiferova at

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