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Meet the people from the Lab - Straatwaarden research lead

Michiel Schwarz is an independent researcher, curator and consultant interested in how the future is shaped by culture. He is the co-creator of the 2010 manifesto Sustainism Is the New Modernism (with Joost Elffers) which launched the word ‘sustainism’. Among his other books are Sustainist Design Guide (with Diana Krabbendam & The Beach network), Speed: Visions of an Accelerated Age (with Jeremy Millar) and The Technological Culture (with Rein Jansma; De Technologische Cultuur, in Dutch), and Divided We Stand: Redefining Technology, Politics and Social Choice (with Michael Thompson)..

Originally trained as a sociologist of technology (University of London, PhD) his research, writing and consultancies has been at the crossovers between different domains: technological culture, design, media & cultural policy, information society, sustainability and architecture & urban planning. In 2013-2014 he was joint artist in residence at Reinwardt Academy and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, resulting in his recent publication A Sustainist Lexicon: Seven Entries to Recast the Future – Rethinking Design and Heritage.

Based in Amsterdam, he is currently developing cultural projects and collaborations on sustainist culture, under the banner of his Sustainism Lab.







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