Symposium: The Art of Queering


Reinwardt Academie, Amsterdam
Hortusplantsoen 1 , 1018 TZ Amsterdam


Kevin Schram | Petra van Dijk | Mirjam Sneeuwloper | Ede Veenstra -Hoogbruin | Mirella Berkhout-Gelauf | Gijs Stork | Heiko Lunshof | Lola Heemskerk | Marcus Koppen | Ben Hekkema | Ron Brand | Cor Boots | Imara Limon | Diana Blok | Wigbertson Julian Isenia | Vincent Boele | Richard John Jones | Winfried Veerman | Ditte Veerman | Stephanie Evers | Shailoh Phillips | Thomas Coenraadts | David Snels | Hugo Schalkwijk | Valentin Bakardjiev | Martien Sleutjes | jasper wiedeman | Liselotte Zoetmulder | Léon Kruijswijk | jeanette bisschops | Suzanne Sanders | Selm Wenselaers | Julia Hartendorp | bart laas | Dirkje Cil Krom | Vivian Zandkuijl | Femke van Casteren | Jonah Lamers | Shayna Schapp | Arte Colder | marie boomgaard | Saskia Scheltjens | Niels van Maanen | Kim Hensbergen | jankees boer | Philip van der Walt | nadia leijdesdorff | Robbert Nachbahr | Lonneke Van den Hoonaard | Thijs Boers | Ken Lustbader | Alexandra van Dijk | ariane verheul | Samuel Brunekreef | Alice Venir | | Jim van Geel | Philip Romer | Daphne Nijenkamp | els veenis | Louise Barendregt | Neil Linden | Yu Liang-Kai | Sam Vangelos | Nina Schuts | Guinevere Ras | | Ross159 Ross159 | Samantha Torré | Janne Ke | José Viesca | Nina de Vos | Renaud Chantraine | Benedict Goes | Pia Fruytier | Tina Bastajian | Arlette Strijland | Kimberly Willems | Frieda Kreuer | Ailsa Cole | Bastiaan Franse | Simone van Eik | Ken Gould | Marin Rappard | connie van gils | Dick van Dijk | Hannah Oosterhout | Marian Bakker | Geralda Jurriaans | Laura van Hasselt | Ellen Schuurman | Hans Verhoeven | Roos Duijnstee | Joost Nikkessen | Kevin Power | Lisa Spooren | Jason Gwen | vreer verkerke | Sophie Marie

The presence of LGBTQI*-themed visual arts in the public domain matters. Not as stereotypes, but as tools to resist heteronormativity. This is needed as long as expressions of sexual and gender identity are being suppressed, including – or even – in the arts.

This is a critical moment to consider how archives and museums can put inclusive policies into practice, and to evaluate the results. In this symposium, archive and museum professionals present their own experiences of representing queer lives in public projects. Audience members are invited to respond, in a group discussion and in the networking breaks and drinks, and to join the Queering the Collections Network to help shape our future activities. 

This is a free event – there is no fee for the symposium! (Registration via "aanmelden" button on the top of this page.) 

What to expect: 




Door open



Openingspeech Reinwardt Academy Riemer Knoop

1.30 PM


Key note Jonathan Katz

As Collecting Becomes Exhibiting: The Politics in an American Context

1.45 PM


Riemer Knoop talk with Olle Lundin and Alice Venir, Van Abbemuseum

2.30 PM



2.40 PM


Lecture Clare Barlow

3.15 PM


PANEL Clare Barlow, Nancy Jouwe, Danielle Kuijten, Mirjam Sneeuwloper,

3.45 PM


Micky Hoogendijk

Introducing some of her photographs from her Through the eyes of others exhibition

4.30 PM



4.45 PM



6.00 PM


Speakers include:

Jonathan D. Katz, activist, art historian, educator and writer. Dr. Katz is the founder of the Harvey Milk Institute, the largest queer studies institute in the world, and President Emeritus of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York, the world's first queer art museum. He was co-curator of the 2010 exhibition “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” at the National Portrait Gallery, in Washington DC, and of the recent touring exhibition “Art, AIDS, America.”


Art, AIDS, America:

Clare Barlow, Tate Britain, Assistant Curator of British Art 1750–1830, curator of the exhibition (until October 1st, 2017), marking the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalization of male homosexuality in England. The exhibition considers how artists expressed themselves in a time when established assumptions about gender and sexuality were being questioned and transformed.



Clare Barlow, Assistant Curator, Tate Britain

Nancy Jouwe, independent Researcher, Lecturer and Cultural Producer

Danielle Kuijten, Projectleader, Imagine IC

Mirjam Sneeuwloper, Curator, Amsterdam Museum


Micky Hoogendijk, photographer. Recurring themes in her work are religion, society and mythology; each work is intensely personal and takes both her and her subject on a journey that provokes fundamental questions about life and our existence. Her current exhibition Through the eyes of others also addresses LHBTI-themes.

Hosted by Reinwardt Academy, moderator Riemer Knoop, Professor Cultural Heritage 


When:    16 June 2017              

Where:   Reinwardt Academy - Hortusplantsoen 2 Amsterdam                                                             

Lectures: 1.30- 5.00 pm  (doors open at 1 pm)

Drinks:                5.00 -6.00 pm

Venue:                Arena (ground floor)

Cost: Free



Queering the Collections

Queering the Collections, a network of people working to promote the collection and exhibition of queer history and heritage in the Netherlands, invites you to our first annual symposium, “The Art of Queering”. As many archives and museums strive to become more inclusive institutions with greater relevance for diverse audiences, staff and visitors are encountering new challenges as well as opportunities.

Some institutions have earned public and critical acclaim for projects that acknowledge the queer perspectives formerly hidden within their collections, while others have undertaken community-curated activities to gather contacts, objects, and stories to bring in underrepresented groups. Yet despite growing awareness in the cultural sector that queer lives are made invisible and marginalized by traditional curation, stakeholders may still reject the importance of rethinking our policies and our practices. While some believe LGBTQI equality has already been achieved in Dutch society, homophobia persists. In fact, we are facing a global backlash in which discrimination and violence on the basis of race, gender, and sexuality are in resurgence.

For: Museum and archive people / students and scholars / culture and heritage pros / LGBTQI activists and those wishing to become it.

Powered by IHLIA, Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam Museum, ICOM/COMCOL Van Abbemuseum, Public History/UvA, Amsterdam City Archive.  Funded by Amsterdam School of Historical Studies, University of Amsterdam and Reinwardt Academy.

*LGBTQI = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex people



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