Biketour Placemaking Week 2017

During the Placemaking Week in Amsterdam, the Reinwardt Academy organized a bicycle tour to compare, analyse and discuss the role of heritage in urban development projects on the Eastern Islands. The tour shows various examples of how heritage plays a role in placemaking and urban planning.

The emphasis is on various forms of heritage: monuments, historical reconstructions, works of art that relate to a long-lived or just recent past and especially stories of residents. New places to work and live at are much more attractive if you know, see and experience its soul. Heritage plays an important role in this process.

 Cultural heritage is more than archaeological excavations or the selection of monuments and even areas for conservation. Reusing historical buildings, also as part of area development, is a social and cultural task. There is an increased interest in the narrative, the story of a place or the cultural biography, the ‘lieux de mémoire’. A thoughtful and at the same time creative way of dealing with built environment means collecting stories and connecting citizens. Heritage is about explaining the past in the present. People feel more connected, it inspires people when designing their own environment and in this way giving direction to the future.

For anyone who did not attend the Placemaking week and would like to do the tour, the map can be downloaded below. Thanks to alumni Eise-Rhoode van Sitteren and Renske Nieuwboer for the research and design.


Download map.


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