Castle The Nijenhuis

Museum de Fundatie, Castle The Nijenhuis, Heino, 9-01-13.
Castle The Nijenhuis Door: Miriam La Rosa

Today I visited the Museum de Fundatie in Heino to interview the director Ralph Keuning for my thesis' research.
The estate where the museum is located is a XIV century castle and the beautiful garden that sorrounds the building hosts 75 artworks (sculptures and installations) of modern and contemporary artists. The museum collection of about 7.000 objects was laid by Dirk Hannema and furthermore blended with other collections, such as those of Mr and Mrs De Graaff-Bachiene, the artist Paul Citroen, the actor Henk van Ulsen, and the lung specialist Willem Hogervorst.
The castle is not easily accessible (especially in a typical Dutch rainy day, like today) and the museum staff is rather small (i.e. one person for each department). However, according to the director, in 2012 it has been able to hosts about 62.000 visitors. The collection is a gem of special masterpieces, but the most interesting aspect is the dialogue between the building (with its original furniture) and the artworks. If you are interested in reflecting upon the act of presenting the present (contemporary installation) this museum is an inspiring case study.
Another location of the collection is the Paleis a/d Blijmarkt in Zwolle. The building is closed to the public until May 2013 because of renovation's works.
Looking forward to the re-opening! ;)

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