To save one's energy or to react vigorously

An attempt to face the budget cuts and never give up!

Yesterday, January, 12, 2013, "the Dark Universe exhibition" opened at "NASA: New Art Space in Amsterdam" to introduce the fifteenth edition of the Sonic Acts festival entitled "The Dark Universe". The exhibition shows "art that explores the boundaries of our knowledge" ( and involves the power of music and the influence of science and technology, reproducing sound, light and vibration through performances and installations. The entire festival will officially begin on 21 – 24 February 2013 at several locations in Amsterdam and it will be opened at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with a lecture by science writer Anil Ananthaswamy. "NASA: New Art Space in Amsterdam" is a rather new reality in the cultural scene of the city. Born in autumn 2012 this art collective is the result of the fusion of two already existent organizations: SMART project space and the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), merged together after the closing of NIMk for major losses of financial support.The result is an exciting new arts and culture platform that is willing to create a multidisciplinary agenda where the collaboration with other institutions is key. Can the act of joining the forces be a solution to face the difficulties of the budget cuts for the cultural sector? The future activity of "NASA: New Art Space in Amsterdam" may give us an aswer.. Very curious about it!


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