Looking forward

An open window to the relations between museums and Augmented Reality

Looking Forward. From Augmented reality to augmented museums

Places and Spaces can be synonyms as well as contraries: real as well as unreal. On the other hand, they can simultaneously be virtual and real or, even better, they can each serve as each other's dimension.
This paper considers interrelations between Places and Spaces in the cultural field, with a focus on museums and society and in particular, contemporaneity. The latter means attention to the evolutionary phenomena specifically related to the societal progress, including in itself references to different contexts of development. Taking into account the current tendencies within the museological field and combining theories and practices together, the core of the analysis looks to the future. Europe is the main action ground of the story, where few recent events give the chance to go in depth into the continuously changing discourse of Places and Spaces, along with the evolutions of new forms of art and technology all over the world.
In addition, this piece is a little cross-section about the experience of Augmented Reality at the present time and its applicability to future Spaces and Places of the cultural field. Will the whole discourse end up with a list of suppositions or with a picture of possible scenarios? Take a seat and taste it. You will judge it by yourself while reading about the Augmented Reality world.


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